An array of energy technologies or energy profiles. There are two types of energy profiles: “Consumption” and “Production”. An energy profile of Type “Pv” is also available for the BillSavings method, but is not available for the Bill method.

"Type": "Consumption"

A generic load profile for energy consumption. One consumption profile may be specified, or multiple profiles can be specified and Bill will combine them for you. You can specify the details of the load yourself by providing hourly, 30 minute, or 15 minute interval data, or if you specify annual or monthly load values, a load profile will be synthesized for you.

Required. At least one profile of Type “Consumption” is required.

"Type": "Production"

A generic load profile for energy production. Usually this type of profile would be used to specify production for a solar system, but it could be used for any producing energy measure. Positive load values will be subtracted from the load values from energy profiles of Type “Consumption”. Hourly, 30 minute, or 15 minute interval data may be used. Annual or monthly data is not valid as it is for energy profiles of Type “Consumption”.

Default: none (optional).