Application & Process Automation

Minimize processing overhead and unlock the value of your data with programmatic access to PowerClerk®.
Utilities and Energy Agencies can further integrate and automate PowerClerk workflows and reporting to maximize the value of PowerClerk subscriptions:

  • Populate and update external systems (e.g., ERP, CRM, CIS, billing, etc.) with PowerClerk data.
  • Create and update projects programmatically, including status changes.
  • Integrate distribution planning systems to automate technical screening.
  • Provide real-time information about distributed generation penetration on utility circuits via GIS maps

Applicants reduce the time required to submit applications from minutes to seconds:

  • Programmatically submit and update projects utilizing customer data already stored in CRM systems.
  • Get notifications when form requirements change.
  • Report on projects in process.
  • Gain visibility across multiple programs and utilities/agencies from your CRM system.
Where would you like to start?
Getting Started

Learn how to programmatically access basic PowerClerk functions and explore how to make API calls.
Common Usage Scenarios

Find examples of common usage scenarios that outline using the API to familiarize yourself with the API’s capabilities.

Using Custom IDs

Uniquely identify which object a caller is referring to, without having to worry about program administrators relabelling those objects through the UI.
API Method Reference

Start exploring the detailed schema structure for each API method, including parameter descriptions, defaults and expected values.
Code Samples

Review code examples to help you realize your use case scenario with PowerClerk’s API.