Energy APIs that bring the industry’s most trusted datasets and insights to your apps


Utility Rates & Bill Savings

Calculate bills and model what-if scenarios, including incentive impacts.

Bill Calculations

Bill Savings & Energy Simulations

Rates Lookup

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Irradiance & Weather Data

Retrieve irradiance, wind speed, temperature and other meteorological datasets.

Irradiance and Weather Requests

Average Year Summary Requests

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PLEASE NOTE: The Irradiance & Weather Data API is moving to SolarAnywhere’s Postman Documentation on May 1, 2024.


Solar Simulations

Simulate PV output for single sites or fleets, including real-time and forecast production.

Energy Site Management

Energy Site Simulation

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PLEASE NOTE: The Solar Simulations API is moving to SolarAnywhere’s Postman documentation on May 1, 2024.

Application & Process Automation

Automate energy program administration and application submissions via PowerClerk®.

Getting Started

Common Usage Scenarios

Using Custom IDs

API Method Reference

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Clean Power Research
Electric rate and incentive services that simplify complex energy decisions.
Solar resource data and power simulation services.
Power Clerk
Program administration software for optimizing interconnection and incentive processes.
Obtain API keys for your projects and learn the general structure of requests and responses.