Utility Rates & Bill Savings

Utility rates and bill calculations are complex. PowerBill® web services make them simple so that you can focus on building great software applications. Here are just a few of the types of apps that have been developed with these web services:

  • Solar quoting within enterprise CRMs
  • Solar calculator web tools for lead generation
  • Ongoing customer engagement apps
Where would you like to start?

Bill Calculations
Calculate bills by providing annual, monthly, hourly or sub-hourly energy usage data.

Bill Savings & Energy Simulations
Go beyond bill calculations. Simulate solar production, calculate incentives and receive a detailed financial analysis.

Rate Lookups
Quickly access utility rates across the U.S.

Complete Schema
Start exploring the detailed schema structure for each API method, including parameter descriptions, defaults and expected values.

Terms & Concepts
Energy and electric bill terminology explained.

Learn more about how to power your apps with the Clean Power Research suite of APIs.