Rates Request

Rates uses the HTTP GET method, and a request to Rates only requires a zip code.

import requests
import json

ratesEndPoint = 'https://service.getpowerbill.com/api/v2/rates?postalcode='
userName = 'your_username@your_company.com' 
password = 'yourPassword'
zipCode = '98105'

def get_default_residential_rate(zipCode,userName,password):	

   response = requests.get(ratesEndPoint+zipCode, auth=(userName, password))
   if(response.status_code != requests.codes.ok):
        print (response, response.text)

   jsonResponse = response.json()['Rates']
   for rate in jsonResponse:
      if rate['Sector'] == 'Residential' and rate['IsDefault'] == True:
         return rate['Id']


if __name__ == '__main__':
    print ('Default residential rate ID: '+get_default_residential_rate(zipCode,userName,password))