Solar Simulations

Create robust applications with solar simulations based on SolarAnywhere® datasets. Scale to meet your needs—simulate from one to hundreds of thousands of PV systems.


Applications include:

  • Distribution planning
  • Interconnection engineering studies
  • System O&M
  • Load forecast inputs

Access Real-time, Weather-adjusted PV Production Data

Integrate real-time PV power simulations to validate residential and commercial PV system performance. Automatically model each individual system in your fleet to benchmark weather-adjusted data expectations against actual measured system production. Use real-time simulations to:


  • Diagnose system performance issues and reduce O&M costs by adding daily summaries of expected production estimates to your diagnostic software.
  • Use monthly data to analyze performance at the fleet level to build investor confidence.
  • Keep your field teams and customers informed by integrating hourly PV performance estimates and weather data into your customer service website.

Model and Forecast Production of Distributed PV Fleets

Power simulations based on PV system specifications and SolarAnywhere® Data support a variety of planning and operational needs. Use distributed PV power simulations to:


  • Model energy and variability of PV systems to understand the impact of installed systems, or systems applying for interconnection, on a feeder.
  • Model expected PV growth scenarios to prepare for the electric grid of the future.
  • Provide automated forecast feeds into your market trading desk for day-ahead scheduling or real-time markets.
  • Integrate PV forecasts into distributed energy and building load management software.