EnergySiteSummaryListResponse is returned in response to an HTTP GET request using

It contains a list of existing energy sites associated with your license. If you have not created any energy sites, then this request will respond with an empty list indicating that no energy sites have been created. Sites are listed by their ENERGY_SITE_ID 64-bit public ID. To display a high volume of energy sites, there is an option to specify the PageSize in the URL v2/EnergySites?PageSize={pageSize}.

<EnergySiteSummaryListResponse RequestId="HDZ6N3RYN" PageIndex="0" TotalPages="3" xmlns="">
    <EnergySiteSummary EnergySiteId="VuEdEfUZkUij7tgiTFkeww" Description="Sample site 1" CustomerSiteId="123" />
    <EnergySiteSummary EnergySiteId="ZR06EjSZ40ueLl1l_mQ6eA" Description="Sample site 2" CustomerSiteId="456" />
    <EnergySiteSummary EnergySiteId="lAIPjR_ZMEy5Ju42DlowVA" Description="Sample site 3" CustomerSiteId="789" />
    <EnergySiteSummary EnergySiteId="Q57MA60NEZ" Description="Sample site 4" CustomerSiteId="abc" />
    <EnergySiteSummary EnergySiteId="HD6RG4J9D6" Description="Sample site 5" CustomerSiteId="def" />
    <EnergySiteSummary EnergySiteId="EU5TQ3DYLZ" Description="Sample site 6" CustomerSiteId="ghi" />