EnergySiteUpdateRequest is submitted when updating the specifications for an existing energy site via an HTTP POST request using

The client posts EnergySiteUpdateRequest XML with specifications that define the location, site hardware and hardware orientation, but specifies the ENERGY_SITE_ID in the URL of the request. The ENERGY_SITE_ID does not change when the specification of the site is updated. The <EnergySite> element it contains is identical in structure to the EnergySite used in energy site creation and returned when getting energy site details.

<EnergySiteUpdateRequest xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <EnergySite Name="Sample Site" Description="Updated Sample Site">
    <Location AddressLine1="" City="" State="" Latitude_Degrees="36.0" Longitude_Degrees="-93.5" />
      <PvSystem Albedo_Percent="15.00000">
          <PvSubsystem GeneralDerate_Percent="89.00">
              <Inverter Count="1" MaxPowerOutput_kWAC="4.470000" EfficiencyRating_Percent="97.000000" />
                  <PvModule Count="20" NameplateDCRating_kWDC="0.22000" PtcRating_kWDC="0.19760" PowerTemperatureCoefficient_PercentPerDegreeC="0.4" />
                <ArrayConfiguration Azimuth_Degrees="177.000" Tilt_Degrees="25.000" Tracking="Fixed Array" TrackingRotationLimit_Degrees="90" />
                <SolarObstructions />